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At AK Pipe Lining Co. our superior technology allows us to inspect and repair the pipes located on the interior or exterior of virtually all buildings. Our non-invasive, innovative green technology allows for the least disruptive solution to a serious and costly problem. With the traditional repair process, one could expect higher repair costs, displacement of tenants, and the time frame for repair can triple. 

Commercial Drain Pipes, Roof Drain Soil and Vent Stack Rehabilitation

Before the advent of our coating technology you would need to remove the interior walls and rip out the leaking pipes just to rehabilitate the pipelines. That includes repairing the problem we consistently see in commercial properties that are called pinhole leaks.

Just as we are able to line small diameter pipes within a commercial building we are also able to line the larger diameter pipes for drainage. Each floor and unit has its own tie-ins that allow for wastewater to flow from every floor into the underground drainage system, which then flows out to the public main lines. When these pipelines leak, clog or rupture, access to diagnose and repair them is difficult. We can make most repairs through small and remote access points, therefore, creating less disruption to the structure and its tenants! With our patented Nu Flow epoxy resin lining system, we can easily line the interior of all the pipes located inside commercial properties. The time and cost savings are truly immeasurable. If you would like a quote or an estimate on our pipe lining services here at AK Pipe Lining then give us a call today and we will set up a time to inspect and walk your property. 

Some of our Commercial Clients
Clearview Mall Entrance
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