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Pipe issues can be difficult to diagnose. Most of them are underground, and a lot of contractors rely on experience (guesswork!) to find the trouble spot. While water damage and leaking sewage are usually pretty obvious; leaks, cracks, and pinholes can be hard to find.

Problems usually begin as smaller issues but after being ignored, they can quickly become serious. Bad pipes and blockages can seem impossible to tackle, but that is where our drain camera service comes in handy.

Sewer Camera Inspection Service

We prefer a more accurate method.  Our camera inspection service employs a small HD camera on the end of a cable which we insert into your drain or sewer at a junction or outlet.  This allows us to see live, what is happening in your pipes.  Many times, the camera allows us to find leaks, blockages, or other issues without having to cut holes in the walls or more costly digging for access points on your property.  The first part of solving any type of pipe repair problem is diagnosing the cause. Schedule an appointment with one of our pros today.

Before we take on any project, our technicians always do their homework (not guesswork!).  After all, the best way to understand any problem is to get a good look at it.  Our sewer cameras are connected to the end of a long plumbing snake that allows us to slide the camera throughout the pipes and find the problem areas.  The video is sent to a laptop, allowing you, the homeowner, to see exactly what we see.  This amount of transparency and honesty makes us the best company in your area.

Solving Problems With Technology

When pipes back up or leak, there can be tons of issues.  Without a camera, it is impossible to know for sure what the issue is.  By using cameras, we know exactly what needs to be done.  This saves our customers money and time!

Our technicians can find the underlying issues with the camera and determine the best solution for you.  We believe that research and knowledge are the most important aspects of pipe repair.

Common Problems We Can Diagnose

By using a camera and diving in, we can identify problems and areas of concern.  Some of the more common issues are:

Usually in the bathroom pipes, water can become completely blocked and stop draining.  This is usually caused by hair tangling with dirt and waste, creating a very tight seal in the drain. Using a camera lets us see the complete extent of the blockage.

Cracked pipes are a real concern because they can indicate a bigger fix is required.  Sometimes seeing a crack from the outside is impossible, but by sending in a camera and viewing the pipe from the interior, our technicians can spot problem areas quickly.

More of a problem for your exterior pipes (like the sewer line), tree roots can penetrate your plumbing system and create leaks. Using a camera is the best way to assess the extent of the damage.

Pipe Inspection

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