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At AK Pipe Lining Company, we are proud to offer the latest, most technologically advanced pipe renewal service: A smarter way of getting older and deteriorating pipes back to functionality, usually without digging or high reconstruction costs.

How Does it Work?

Our enviromentally safe pipe renewal process uses the latest technology to inspect, clean and repair existing deteriorating piping systems usually without the enormous cost of complete floor or wall reconstruction. We eliminate some of the cost by consulting with the property manager or owner, and building our work schedule around what makes most sense for tenants, patients, shoppers or residents!

The Process

Before replacing or repairing a pipe or piping system, we first conduct a thorough (in pipe) inspection with a state of the art video camera that records and saves the condition. Our goal is to insert the camera through a non invasive access point to capture what is going on inside the pipe in real time. The results of this process help us to determine the next steps to be taken.

If a defect shows up in one or more parts of the pipe, then consideration is taken into account as to the corrective steps needed to correct the particular problem.


AK Pipe Lining Co. takes a consultative approach to our process working directly with the decision makers to ensure that everyone understands the deliverables of each individual project.

At a minimum, we take into account with those decision makers the following points of focus:

  • Access points to the pipe or pipe system itself

  • Partial (patch) or total replacement of pipe

  • Convenience for staff, visitors, guests and patrons

  • Complete scope of work and timeframe for completion


AK Pipe Lining Company has worked throughout the Tri-State area solving some of the toughest commercial pipe repair and replacement problems in this region. We take pride in being considered by many as the premier pipe line replacement company. 

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