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At AK Pipe Lining we are committed to offering you quality service and stand ready to help with any type of pipe repair necessary. Whether you have a blocked drain, clogged sink, or a more serious issue requiring a major repair we’re here to get things flowing again. Our Nu Flow Certified team is trained in and uses the most up to date pipe repair technology available to find the issue within your home, and get it fixed quickly.

Sewer Camera Inspection

Our camera inspection service employs a small HD camera on the end of a cable which we insert into your pipes at a junction or outlet. This allows us to see live, what is happening in your pipes. Many times, the camera allows us to find leaks, blockages, or other issues without having to cut holes in the walls or more costly digging for access points on your property. The first part of solving any type of pipe repair problem is diagnosing the cause. Schedule an appointment with one of our pros today.

Drain Cleaning

Preventative maintenance of your home’s drains and sewer line is a priority if you want to avoid expensive repairs in the future. At AK Pipe Lining we are proud to offer various top of the line drain cleaning alternatives. Our cleaning processes can force out blockages, roots, or any other clog within your pipes while cleaning the inevitable build up along the walls from everyday use. This serves to keep your drains flowing smoothly, and helps to extend the life of your pipes.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

AK Pipe Lining provides a no-dig solution to repairing your homes’ sewer line. Traditionally, repairing a sewer lateral that runs from a home to the mainline under the street was an expensive and destructive process requiring a trench to be dug along the length of the line to expose the pipe. Our trenchless pipe lining technology allows us to simply open the ends of the pipe, then insert a resin filled felt liner that we then pull into to place using our patented Nu Flow technology. This ensures accurate placement within your damaged line. The liner is then inflated with water, air or steam. The resin is then cured and hardens, creating a new pipe within the existing one. This also seals any existing leaks or gaps and has a life expectancy of at least 50 years. Our trenchless process can save time and money for any homeowner. 

Failed Dye Tests?
Old Sewer Lines?
Root Intrusions?
Broken Pipes? 
  • Messy Construction Site
  • High Time Consumption
  • Destruction of Finished Floors, Walls, Ceilings and other Structures
  • Non-Operational Status of the Pipe System 

Most jobs completed in 1 day.

No digging required!
No extra charge after hours. 


"We had issues with our water lines backing up in our laundry room. Another plumber came in and gave us an estimate over $20,000! AK came in and solved the problem for a fraction of the cost – and they didn’t have to tear up my basement! I definitely recommend them to everyone! Keep up the great work!"

-Katy Gess


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